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Services by Kelley Ground - Air Expedite

We’re specialists at quickly providing optimal solutions that save time and reliably deliver your freight to its intended destination. Kelley dedicates almost all its resources to air charter and trucking expedites. This focused
concentration and the effective high tech networking system we use helps us to position aircraft at desired airports in less than half the time the largest competitors in this industry.

Flight options are customized to fit your job based on container and/or skid size, quantity, ease of loading; specific aircraft readiness, reliability, flexibility, positioning and speed; weather conditions; and airport capabilities. You’ll be amazed at how our specialists can react with such precision and speed while taking all of these factors into consideration.

We are confident we offer more air charter and truck expedite options than any other provider in the shortest amount
of time through our technology. That is why the largest logistics company in the US and Fortune 100 manufacturers and final automotive assemblers use Kelley.